Why Monitoring You Application Is Important – Detail

Whether you run an application development business or just a person who is using an application to run their business, monitoring its performance is more important than you may think. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don’t monitor your application properly.

That is because if an application goes down at a crucial time, your business will face severe consequences. For example, if your app goes down for one minute, it will cost you around $9,000.

Besides losing money, you will have to face customer dissatisfaction which is even worse. That’s why monitoring you application is important. However, there are some more factors that explain why it is important. That’s what we will discuss in this blog. So, let’s get into it.

What Does it Mean by Monitoring Your Application?

Monitoring your application means checking out its performance, availability, and user experience to make sure all of these factors are functioning properly. This process is also known as APM (Application Performance Monitoring).

It is done by using several tools and techniques to ensure the app keeps on functioning properly. These tools provide you with a deep and comprehensive data analysis that you can use to judge the performance of your app.

On the basis of this analysis, you can determine which factors of your application need to be repaired or changed so that it keeps functioning smoothly. Many software companies are using this technique to monitor their apps to ensure their quality.

There are several reasons why monitoring your application is important. That’s what we are going to shift this blog towards now.

Why Monitoring You Application is Important?

Some of the major reasons why monitoring you application is important are discussed below:

You Can Indicate an Issue Faster:

As we have mentioned earlier, an issue in your app’s performance can cost you a lot of money. That’s the reason why you have to detect it before it’s too late. Monitoring your application properly can help you detect these issues faster.

When you apply the APM techniques in the right way, you can diagnose your app overall and make strategies to overcome these issues.

It Helps Resolving ERP Issues:

Monitoring your application can help you resolve several ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) issues as well. That is because this system works as an application itself. So, if your app is related to the ERP system, monitoring it can help you run this system more efficiently.

It Can Improve Customer’s User Experience:

Monitoring your application not only helps you save a lot of money. It also helps you improve the user experience of your customers. If your customers are continuously facing issues with your application, chances are they will stop using your services at all. Early problem detection and resolution can help you avoid this tragedy.

It Can Increase Your App’s Security:

The security of an application is one of its most important factors. Monitoring the app can help you strengthen it even more. That is because you can keep an eye on external cyber threats all the time.

If any threats arrive, you can take action to guard your app from it before the damage is done.

Cost Reduction:

Last but not least, monitoring your application can help you reduce the cost of your procedures. As we have discussed already, even one minute of downtime of your app can cost you thousands of dollars. This type of costly incident can be avoided by monitoring your application in a proper way.

Besides this, you can also judge at what scale do you need the app to function for your company. This helps you tailor it according to your needs so that you don’t spend your money uselessly.

It also helps you avoid the expense of repairing the app once it is damaged or gone down due to poor management.

So, these are some major reasons why monitoring your application is important. Now, allow us to provide you with some best practices that you can undertake in order to monitor your app better.

Best Practices for Monitoring Your Application:

Some of the very best practices that you can employ for monitoring your application are given below:

  • You have to define some clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) according to the end goals of your business. This will help you focus only on the important factors of app monitoring.
  • Completely understand the structure of your application so that you can figure out the problem more easily.
  • Make sure to invest in the right APM tools for better performance and efficiency.
  • Make sure to keep on tracking the app performance continuously.

So, these are some of the best practices you can undertake for better app monitoring.


There are several reasons why monitoring you application is important for your business. App monitoring means keeping the performance and efficiency of your app in constant check.

There are several tools and techniques that you can use for this purpose. Some of the major reasons why it is important to monitor your app include enhanced user experience, cost reduction, etc. We have provided details about such reasons in the information given above.

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