Snapchat Planets: A New Way to Explore the Solar System

Snapchat Plus keeps on introducing different fun features to keep its users entertained and engaged. Snapchat Planets is one of these features where your friends are represented by different planets of the Solar System.

Understanding this feature can help you understand our real Solar System in an interesting way. That is because these two are a lot similar.

In this blog, we will break down what this feature of Snapchat Plus actually is and how you can activate it for your own account. Let’s start.

Origin of Snapchat Plants

Snapchat Planets is a feature that allows users to visualize their closest friends on the platform in a unique way. The feature was introduced in 2023 and has been a popular addition to the app ever since. In the Snapchat ecosystem, users are the “Sun,” and their closest friends become designated planets.

The proximity of a friend’s planet to the user’s “Sun” indicates the level of closeness or interaction frequency. Understanding the order of these planets is akin to deciphering the friendship hierarchy within a user’s social orbit.

Snapchat Planets Designing

Here’s a breakdown of the 8 closest friend planets and their meanings in detail.

1. Mercury: This fiery planet closest to the sun represents your best friend on Snapchat. The person you share the most snaps, chats, and streaks with!

2. Venus: Second in line, this beauty signifies your second closest friend. Sharing frequent interactions and a strong bond.

3. Earth: Our home planet in this case symbolizes your third closest friend. A steady connection and significant in your social circle.

4. Mars: The red planet embodies your fourth closest friend. You share regular communication and hold a meaningful position in each other’s lives.

5. Jupiter: The giant planet reflects your fifth closest friend. Someone you interact with a lot, bringing energy and excitement to your Snapchat experience.

6. Saturn: The ringed planet represents your sixth closest friend. A reliable and consistent presence in your Snapchat world.

7. Uranus: The tilted planet signifies your seventh closest friend. Someone you connect with occasionally, adding a unique perspective to your interactions.

8. Neptune: The farthest planet signifies your eighth closest friend. While not the most frequent interaction, this friend still occupies a special place in your social circle.

How to Activate Snapchat Planets on Your Account?

Activating Snapchat Planets on your account is super easy. However, you have to subscribe to the Plus version of Snapchat first. Here’s how you can do it:

Snapchat Planets
  • First of all, go to your Snapchat account and subscribe to the Plus version. You can find this option in the profile settings of your account.
  • Once you have purchased the premium version, it’s time to check out the planets feature. First of all, open the chat with your favorite friend.
  • After that, click on their profile icon. Here, you would be able to see what planet represents this friend.

In this way, you can easily activate and enjoy the Snapchat Planets feature of Snapchat Plus.

The Drawbacks of Snapchat Planets:

Although Snapchat Planets is one of the most interesting features of Snapchat Plus, there are a few drawbacks of it also. Here are the major ones:

  • This feature is not fully transparent. This means that only you can see the ranking of your friends in your system. Your friends are unable to see their ranking in this system. 
  • The ranking depends on the number of interactions on Snapchat. So, if your relationship with a friend is deep but you have fewer interactions in chat, their ranking will go down. 
  • There are only 8 planets in the system which means you cannot check the interaction level of more than 8 friends. 


Since its introduction last year, the Snapchat Planets feature has been revered by many Snapchat Plus users. It basically replicates the Solar System to help you know which friends are the closest to you.

Just like different planets come in a specific order, your friends are represented in a similar way to tell you which one is closest, second closest, and so on. The information that we have just shared with you can help you understand this feature even better. We have also mentioned how you can activate this feature on your profile.

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