What are Innocams? Complete Guide

The world has revolutionized in a way that technology has become an integral part of it. All these innovations have changed our way of life, but they have also made life a little complex. The camera industry has revolutionized, too, and people get confused about how to choose a better camera and which one would do best for them.

Innocams is a huge camera manufacturing company that has a wide variety of cameras with so many features and qualities. User can easily buy one according to their need and the features they are looking for in a camera. This camera company provides cameras like thermal, HD, 360, 4K IP and PTZ cameras.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief explanation of all the ins and outs of Innocams cameras. You will be guided about its features and qualities. By the end of this article, you will be equipped with all the information about these cameras and which one would suit you.

Introduction to Innocams

Innocams stands for Innovative Cameras; as per its name, you must understand that they produce cutting-edge cameras. There are a lot of innovative features that play an important role in turning your pictures exactly into something you have always imagined.

The picture processing is so great that the photos from these cameras turn out to be so good that it was not even imaginable back then. Innocams is one of the authentic companies that is officially registered in the UK. They have used all the hardware components that are exceptional to provide you with amazing output.

They have used the latest software, sensor processing techniques and algorithms to make their products worth buying. You can say that they are a unique combo of hardware and software innovation to give out the best cameras.

Key Features

Everything related to technology has some features that make it worth buying. These features make the product stand out among its competitors. Just like that, you will be amazed to know all the features of innovative Cameras that are given below.

·      High End Sensors

These cameras are equipped with cutting edge wide angle sensors that capture a wide range of data with good depth information. These sensors will provide infrared, visible light and details that are expected from any high end camera.

·      Artificial Intelligence

Like every other technical field, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have become a part of these cameras. The sensors of the cameras use Artificial intelligence to detect and observe the pattern of the object so that it will process and capture it intelligently in real time.

·      Multimodal Image Processing

You must expect Multimodal image processing from these cameras because they play an important part in fusing different types of image data while capturing it. Multimodal is very useful while capturing a picture in low light so that it would give you an image by combining infrared and visible images for better results.

·      Connectivity Options

Unlike typical cameras, they provide a number of connectivity options so that you can transfer data, photos and videos in real time. You can connect them with different servers and devices so that data can be stored in them.

·      Real-Time Image Processing

Real time image processing plays a vital role while capturing photos and videos in a changing environment. It responds instantly whenever there is a need to change the camera mode according to the scenario.

Types of Cameras

They offer a wide variety of innovative cameras that can be used by anyone according to their need. No matter for what purpose you need a camera, you will definitely have one, and it will work best for you.

·      360-degree cameras

These are ideal cameras for surveillance and security because they give you panoramic 360-degree footage of the area they are equipped in.

·      HD IP Cameras

These cameras give high definition video recording with a resolution of up to 1080p, and they can be used for conferences and security purposes.

·      4K IP cameras

4K IP cameras give video quality that is four times better than the video quality given by HD IP cameras with 3840×2160 pixels. They are used for the same purpose as HD IP cameras.

·      Sports Cameras

These cameras are small and lightweight, but they have high-resolution and wide angle lenses. Image sensors are used in these cameras to caption important moments. Beginners can easily use these cameras.


·      Wildlife Cameras

These cameras are exclusively designed in a way that they can blend with the location, and they can be activated by heat and motion. Beginner photographers can use them to get amazing shots.


·      Body-worn cameras

These cameras are small in size and lightweight and can be attached to the uniform. Security authorities wear them to record their public interactions.

Body-worn cameras

·      License plate cameras

These cameras are specifically developed for traffic management. They are equipped on roads to capture number plates and detect the authorization of the vehicle. They come with high resolution and wide angle views.

Innocams License plate cameras

Real-life Applications of Innocams

We can find a lot of applications for these cameras in the real world; we have mentioned some industries and fields that are using most of these cameras as follows.

  1. Medical Scanning and Imaging
  2. Surveillance and Security
  3. Self-Driven Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
  4. Industries
  5. Ecosystem Monitoring
  6. Gaming
  7. Entertainment
  8. Remote meetings

Benefits of Innocams

There are a lot of benefits of using these cameras, which are mentioned below.

  1. They provide HD recording and streaming.
  2. There is a wide variety of Cameras.
  3. Prices are reasonable.
  4. Usage and installation are very simple.
  5. Comes with a warranty and gives reliable performance.

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Innocams is a huge camera manufacturing company that provides you with almost every type of camera. With best equipped hardware and innovative software components. User can easily buy one according to their need and the features they are looking for in a camera. We hope this article was helpful for you to get enough knowledge about these cameras.

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