What Is Rolly Vortex and How to Play These Games

Rolly Vortex is an arcade game that you can play online for free. It is a casual game where you have to control a ball through an endless spiral path while dodging different obstacles and barriers.

If you are interested in knowing more about this game and how to play it online, you’ve come to the right place. That is because here, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on this game along with its accessing and playing method. We will describe it in a step-by-step method so that you can digest it well.

Let’s begin with discussing what Rolly Vortex Game actually is.

What is Rolly Vortex Game?

Rolly Vortex is a browser-based arcade game where you control a ball as it passes through an endless spiral path filled with different obstacles. In order to continue earning points, you have to keep the ball safe by not letting it hit these obstacles and barriers.

As you keep on playing the game, it becomes more and more challenging. That is because you start facing obstacles of different shapes that are very hard to dodge.

You get one purple gem for each obstacle you dodge. These gems then can be used to purchase balls of different shapes. Now, before we start discussing the playing method of this game, let’s take a quick look at its features to understand the game better.

The Features of the Rolly Vortex Game:

Some of the major features of the Rolly Vortex game that make it easier and fun to play are given below:

  • Rolly Vortex is an absolutely free game to play. You don’t have to purchase the game from any platform to enjoy it. All you need is a good internet connection and you will be ready to play it.
  • Although an app version of this game is available, you can also play it directly on a browser without downloading.
  • The controls that you use in this game are super simple. You only need the arrow keys (right/left) in order to control the movement of the ball as it passes through the vortex.
  • You can use the collected gems to buy balls of different types to keep the game fun.

So, these are some major features of the Rolly Vortex game. Now, let’s discuss how you can play it.

How to Play Rolly Vortex Game Online?

The beauty of the Rolly Vortex game is that you can play this game on several websites online. So, here’s what you need to do in order to play it:

Step – 1:

In the first step, you need to search for this game by its name on the Google search engine. You can use any Internet browser for that.

Step – 2:

From the provided search results by Google, you can click on any site that you like to play this game. For demonstrational purposes, we’re going to use the HoodaMath website.

Step – 3:

Clicking on the link will take you to the game page. Now, click on the screen to begin the game. You can also press the arrow keys to initiate it. Now, dodge the obstacles and enjoy the game.

If you want to purchase a new ball with the help of the gams you have collected, you can click on the ball icon on the homepage of this game.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Website for Rolly Vortex:

Here are some things that you have to keep while choosing a website for playing the Rolly Vortex game:

  • The website should be free to use. Since the game itself is free, there is no need to pay a website to run it.
  • Make sure that the website is included in the top 10 search results of Google. That is because such websites are easily accessible.
  • The user interface of the website should be easily navigable. You don’t want to get confused with the accessing and running process of the game, right?
  • Try to choose a website that allows you to create a proper profile on it. This feature is helpful when it comes to saving the progress of the game such as your high score.
  • Check the site’s safety with the help of different scam testing tools. This will help you choose a safer site.
  • Don’t forget to connect with a VPN service as you play this game for safety purposes.

So, these are some major things you have to keep in consideration while choosing a website for playing the Rolly Vortex game online.

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Rolly Vortex is an arcade game where you control a ball as it dodges different obstacles while passing through a vortex. You can play it online on a browser by following a few simple steps. We have discussed these steps above in great detail.

We have also mentioned some important things you have to keep in mind while choosing a site to play this game online. These things can help you choose the right site that is both convenient and safe to use.

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